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    Welcome to the Inventory section!

    How it works:

    Have all the skins you want to play with on hand.

    Eliminate the step of going through Steam each time you want to enter the pot.

    Done playing? Send your items back to your Steam inventory with the click of a button.

    Try it out!

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      You MUST accept offers from bot. Items from rejected offers won't be available to you

      If you COUNTER offer we will mark you as scammer!!!

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        Counter - Terrorist Terrorist
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            How to play TeamUp?

            • Deposit skins from your steam inventory into our site
            • Select items or wallet credit and place it on the team of your choice (Counter Terrorist or Terrorist)
            • If your team has won, the amount of credits from the opposing team will be distributed to the winning team. The amount of credits you receive will be determined on your percentage of bets on the winning team.
            • If you placed a skins on the winning team, those skins will be returned to you. You will also receive wallet credits (the amount received dependent on your percentage of the winning team, and the total of losing team’s wagers)
            • Winning team has total wagers of $10, your wager amounting $5
            • Losing team have total wagers of $10
            • At the end of the round you will receive $5 you placed + $5 from the losing team (you are entitled to 50 percent of the $10 total of the losing team’s wagers)
            • All other players from your team will split the remaining $5
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